Fantasy Golf Live Draft

Create an online fantasy golf live snake draft or standard draft and invite your league members to join! Setup is very easy and you can create your live fantasy golf draft in a matter of minutes. Read more below to find out about all of the different features of our live draft website.

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The process to create a fantasy golf live draft is very simple. You can choose a snake draft or a standard draft. Then you can choose the date and time your draft will start. Lastly, you will set the number of rounds and teams to include.

Once all draft settings are complete, you will invite the league members who will be participating in your draft. All participants will receive an email invite to join your draft.

Live Draft

The fantasy golf live draft website has commissioner tools that allow you to update and manage your draft. You can modify the draft board before and during the draft, pause the draft, revert selections, and reset the selection timer.

The live draft software allows team owners to create a queue of their favorite golfers, make their selections, set auto-draft, chat with other members, and view draft selection history.

Draft Results

Once the draft has been completed and all selections have been made, the commissioner, as well as all team owners, can export draft results to a CSV file. Exporting results is as simple as the click of a button, and the results will be downloaded to your computer.

If you host your fantasy golf league on, you can import your rosters directly into your league. Once imported, your fantasy golf league will be ready to begin.